Wednesday, June 23, 2010

felt shop

I have recently set up a shop on felt but am yet to figure out how to get a button on my blog have found out where to copy and paste the link from just not sure where to paste it to on my blog! Any help greatly appreciated please...... Anywho my user name on felt is alliejonny if anyone keen to have a geez


  1. Hi - I think I can help you out with your Felt button woes but I'm not too sure I understand what you're saying. Just to confirm - you're not sure how to paste the button on your blog?
    Sign in. Click on Dashboard. Click on Settings - there will be 3 or 4 tabs right up the top - Click Design. Click Add a Gadget. Click HTML/Java Script. Add a title if you want. Copy and Paste button html/link into the box provided for text (under the title box) - hit save!
    Hope this is what you were after :)

  2. thanks for your help worked a treat

  3. Great! Glad I could help :)