Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Garden that actually grows. . . . . .

Finally at my 2nd and in some parts 3rd attempt my garden is finally looking like it will be a success! Love watching it grow and Ive finally discovered that the key to a great garden is WATER WATER WATER! Things I greatly dislike about my garden are: -WEEDS WEEDS WEEDS -Dirt under my fingernails -Chickens eating and scratching at it -Dogs that lie all over it just to be in the sunniest possible spot of the whole section -WEEDS WEEDS WEEDS


  1. weeds, UGH, I hear ya. On the weekend I just found out (thankfully "early") that what I thought was self-seeded Calendula (Marigold family) growing prolifically throughout my garden was in fact forget-me-nots - haven for white butterfly and caterpillar larvae - GAHHHH! Needless to say a forget-me-not frenzy soon ensued!! No wonder my poor lone cucumber plant is being pummelled :(

  2. glad your peas look better than mine...damn birds ate all mine in the weekend when we were away!!!!