Wednesday, March 30, 2011

blog update finally!!!

well well well here I am again have had several attempts at uploading photos to here but have had epic fails each time so thought I would jut write something instead which is a little tricky too as lovely willow spilt juice on our keypad so now everytime you want to type an s it has to be copy and pasted!! arghhhhh!!
-moving house-yeeha moved to Le Bons Bay where I grew up and my sister and mum and dad live
-crocheting-making noughts and crosses and pass the pigs-will try to get pics up
-tomatoes-making pasta and tomato sauce
-garden-planting winter veges-broccoli,cabbage,cauliflower and lettuce
-broken bones-willow had a fall at school and broke both the bones in her wrist so had to spend a night in hopital and go to theatre to have it manipulated back into place-arghhhh-all good now in cat up to armpit but coping well and enjoying her time off school!!!
-housework-getting our house finished off and ready to be rented out which was successful

All in all very buy and tiring but we are all finally getting settled into our new place and loving every minute of living in the bay. xx

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  1. Welcome back! Was wondering when you would get back on here. I wonder what the problem is with uploading your photos?