Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Well yes i'm loving my garden this year we weren't in our new house last Spring/Summer so we were not able to take advantage of our beutiful sunny vege patch but this year. . . . . It is great having most things covered to save them from pesky chickens and birds! we have nearly filled the whole garden just a few spaces left for red onions and an egg plant and cucumber so now it is just a matter of watering and weeding and reaping the rewards we hope!! We have already used 5 lettuces and i need to make it my mission to plant lettuces every few weeks to keep it in constant supply. The girls cant wait to pick the peas and they will them to grow every day!!


  1. Good on you Al. Bit jealous really. I'm looking forward to getting some veges in at the new place. Yours looks like you've got all set up well so keep those chickens out and you should have heaps of delicious fresh veges.

  2. oh thanks frannie yeah its lookinging good so far think pa was even slightly jeal!!!!had a lady ask me to do some hats for babies through felt today she is a baby/child photographer so fingers crossed that works x