Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Brrr it is freezing today-was just about to say at least its stopped raining when low and behold down comes the HAIL arghhh winter eh. Run out of fabric at the moment so not much creating going on today will have to get back onto trademe me thinks. Baked paninis yesterday turned out fantastic and were turned into delicious steak sandwiches-one of our familys favourite dinners-YUM............. With all the rain there has been lots of creating going on in Jonnys shed will post photos soon


  1. My paninis-to-be are rising as I type - I'm SO thrilled at the thought! And all due to you and your "no fuss" attitude about makin' 'em! You asked how to follow Striking Keys - fair enough, I don't have the "Follow" gadget displayed! If you scroll to the very top of the blog you'll see the nav bar, and to the left-hand side there is a "Follow" short-cut. Click that, and you're in business! What business? Crazy business! Yeha!

  2. Wow! Very, very nice... I love this.:)